ParGate Scandinavia AB - Producer of ParGate Laser Rangefinders

ParGate Scandinavia AB develops laser technologies and produces rangefinders. Our top selling laser rangefinder brand ParGate has quickly become a part of many golfer’s standard equipment in Scandinavia, Australia and Europe.

We follow strict guidelines for quality control and we are confident that our customers enjoy a premium product.

Our vision is to bring value and benefits to golfers by offering affordable top quality rangefinders that are easy to use.  We know how important it is to be equipped with the right gear for peak performance and we believe that in the near future every golfer will benefit from having a rangefinder in the bag.

Our vision

We develop rangefinders for high quality golf at a price that the regular golfer is prepared to pay. The service level should be in top grade where an incorrect product is replaced immediately. Thanks to careful work and high quality control, we are very pleased that less than 2% of binoculars we delivered had some kind of defect.

We have made many improvements and updated our products with new visibility, improved software and much more, and hope that we will have a great year for years.